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    White Paper: How To Choose A Quality Supplier
A guide and checklist to assist Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Departments on what to look for in their existing and future suppliers to mitigate risk and improve efficiencies.

White Paper: Wave Springs Pack More Force Into Less Space
In many applications, flat wire wave springs offer significant advantages over traditional spring designs such as coils and discs. This white paper looks at specific application examples and explains why wave springs were chosen over other spring elements.

  White Paper: The Best Springs You Haven't Tried Yet
Flat wire wave springs offer the best balance of size and spring force. Here’s what you need to know to design with these high-performance alternatives to traditional springs.
  White Paper:Technical Considerations For The Selection Of Retaining Rings
Design engineers are challenged daily to come up with economical designs that reduce weight, size, raw materials, and labor. This competitive mandate affects every facet of the design, including the fasteners needed to hold components in place. One style of non-threaded fastener that has been widely used to accomplish these goals is the retaining ring. Knowing which ring to use in a given fastening situation can greatly contribute to the overall effectiveness and economy of a design. This whitepaper describes different retaining ring types as well as which ring is best suited for different applications.
  White Paper: Preventing Ring Failures Due To Rotational Movement In Wind Turbine Gear Boxes
This article discusses causes of gearbox failures as it relates to retaining rings and the associated bearing. Further it gives retaining ring solutions that increase bearing life and improve bearing performance.
  White Paper: Calculating Endplay Take-Up for Beveled Retaining Rings
The article discusses how beveled retaining rings are the obvious choice in high speed production over shims and washers. The article is broken down to show how the retaining rings are designed, calculated and manufactured for maximum endplay take up while still being cost effective for both consumer and manufacturer.
   Retaining Ring Load Capacity Determination

If you need rings to position and secure bearings in a critical piece of machinery, load capacity can be critically important for function, safety and reliability of the ring application. Here's what you need to know to accurately assess static thrust load capacity for retaining rings.


Transaction Costs Maybe Affecting Profitability

If There is a fine line between providing good service to your customers and having to accept requirements that seriously increase your transaction costs.





Unique Application

Science meets Art in this sculpture, which utilizes a retaining ring.


Lean Manufacturing

In order to implement this process, stick to the basics.


On Lock Down

Retaining Rings fasten components on shafts and in bores.

They are secured on grooves to create a shoulder that holds assemblies in place.


Greener Fasteners

It's not a breakthrough, but a heads-up.

    Constant-Tension Clamps Outperform Adhesives

Adhesives are often touted as being better than mechanical fasteners.

But they are not always th ebest solution when it comes to meeting consumer demand for quality products at low cost,...

    Finding A New Connection

...a major reason why the hot tub manufacturer decided to upgrade to a more efficient method of fastening its hoses to plastic fittings.

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